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C2D Services supports institutions and organisations in the conduct of significant reforms and in the optimisation of their systems and practices, in light of development goals and measurable results, using innovative strategies and coaching through change.
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The Paradox Box™

An expert software system to analyze and optimize large sets of tax data.

The most affordable and fastest software to implement on the market

Mobilising revenues is more and more a matter of leveraging data. Robust and trustworthy data allows revenue administrations to adopt modern techniques such as risk-based audit or performance management using dashboards and KPIs. As revenue administrations strive to label themselves ‘data driven’, the need for increased governance and data management practices becomes increasingly important. Indeed, information becomes an asset and has to be trusted by users.

C2D services & The Paradox Box™

Your solution to modernize your tax administration

Your problem/challenge


You want to leverage your existing data!

  1. You have an existing tax system with a lot of data that is not leveraged
  2. Some of this data might need cleansing (e.g. duplicate taxpayers)
  3. You want to be able to cross-check tax data with other sources (e.g. customs’ data) to derive intelligence
Hence, you are data rich but information poor


You want to transform your data into actionable information!

  1. Your current tax system might not have the right functionalities to leverage data
    (e.g. scoring taxpayers’ risk according to criteria)
  2. You don’t want to invest massively to replace your existing tax system
  3. Some of your tax processes are partially computerised or are manual
Hence, you need to complement your current system without replacing it


To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive and customized software solution to:

  1. compile, purge and re-register your taxpayer database quickly
  2. set up an online taxpayer services platform
  3. ensure the overall management of your tax revenues
  4. benefit from an efficient back office tax management system
  5. optimize the workflows of the various stakeholders
  6. facilitate and automate tax audit tasks
  7. detect the risks of tax evasion


Your solution: The Paradox Box™

See below why The Paradox Box™ platform is the ideal software solution to improve the workflow of your tax administration.

The Paradox Box™...

Access features of The Paradox Box™ platform and c2d services to modernize your administration and optimize tax revenue

Your solution: The Paradox Box™

The Paradox Box™ is an interactive expert system dedicated to analyzing large sets of tax and customs data. It aims to assist Tax and Customs administrations by adding a software layer on top of their existing systems in order to leverage existing data and functionality. The Paradox Box™ also complements back-office tax systems by providing advanced functionalities and algorithms for data cleansing, identification of taxpayer duplicates, audit risk criteria selection, workflow and case management for audit and collection and, finally, dashboards and indicators with drill-down capabilities.

Specifically, The Paradox Box™ allows you to:

Manage data:

Your tool to cleanse your data and introduce data governance and data management principles to your organisation

  • Advanced algorithms to identify potential duplicate taxpayers
  • Pre-built requests to zoom on problematic data that requires cleansing
  • KPIs with drill-down capabilities to monitor the quality of data being generated in your tax system

Leverage data for enforcement, audit and collection:

Your tool to leverage your data to mobilise revenues using advanced techniques of enforcement, audit and collection

  • Pre-built risk criteria for enforcement, audit and collection
  • Capacity to add/modify/use subsets of criteria to analyse risk
  • Workflow and case management to standardise enforcement, audit and collection processes
  • KPIs with drill-down capabilities to monitor the performance (increase of revenue, performance of auditors, etc.)

Cleaning of Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) and deduplication

The Paradox Box™ allows you to list and analyze your TIN database. Eliminate duplicates, take inventory of new taxpayers, re-register taxpayers and detect inaccuracies in the data, such as erroneous or missing data.

Powerful and economical solution to improve your current system

The Paradox Box™ allows the analysis of large series of tax and customs data. It adds to your existing software system, or an integrated revenue management system, to give you access to new advanced features


Your solution:

  • To increase tax revenues
  • To achieve better compliance
  • To improve employee efficiency

The only software solution:

  • Able to integrate with your current system
  • To give you quick access to new features
  • To transition to a new system
  • To facilitate the migration of data to another system

The Paradox Box™: an expert software system to analyze and optimize large sets of tax data.

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Read our brochures to learn about all the features of The Paradox Box™ platform.

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The Paradox Box™ has an open architecture designed to interface and integrate data from multiple sources, and then use this data for the purposes of the tax departments. The system currently integrates data from Customs, Treasury and Revenue Administrations. The data from multiple data sources can then be cross-referenced, mixed and mashed to display strategic information cutting across all the data.

Features include:

  • Advanced algorithms to identify problematic data, develop risk criteria, etc.
  • Workflow and case management engine to computerise and structure processes.
  • Dashboard to monitor the performance, be it progress in data cleansing or progress of the execution of the audit plan.

Technical Profile of The Paradox Box™


  • The Paradox Box™ is being currently operated in English, French and Spanish, and can easily be translated into other languages

Locally or on the cloud

  • Can be installed locally on a server as part of the organisation’s IT infrastructure, but also accessed from the internet cloud (directly from the internet with no local installation). Cloud deployments are strongly encouraged as they ensure lower costs, much higher reliability, accessibility, security, and unlimited processing power and storage.

Responsive design

  • Designed so that it can be comfortably accessed and operated on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. .


  • Any type of indicator, for any type of data, can be configured. There is no prescription of format nor industry sector.


  • Can load data from any system running on any custom system or database (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server), any REST-like API, and even from file sources in various formats, such as CSVs, etc.

    Support Data Exports
    All data can be exported from the system and be readable by MS Excel or any other kind of spreadsheet or database.

Users management

  • Role based allowing different users to be designated as Administrators, Auditor, Audit Managers, Team Leaders, etc. each role having its own accesses and privileges.


Applications of The Paradox Box™ Open Architecture

Timor-Leste decided to conduct a nation-wide re-registration of all of its taxpayers because it began to be suspected that too many taxpayers had multiple TINs or had incomplete registration records. There had been more and more loss of national revenue, at times due to criminal fiscal evasion. The Paradox Box™ was used to:

The Paradox Box™ platform has been used to:

  • Identify duplicate taxpayers by de-duplicating the Tax database.
  • Cross-reference the Tax database with that of Customs to identify taxpayers under different identities in each system.
  • Cross-reference the Tax database with that of the Treasury’s vendors (taxpayers having a government contract) to associate the TINs to Vendors’ records.
  • Computerize the workflow between the front desk, the specialists, the data entry, and the managers
  • Report to management on progress.

Results Achieved:

  • 40,000 TINs analyzed by The Paradox Box™.
  • 16,000 TIN duplicates identified and cleansed.
  • 400 TINs were found active in ASYCUDA while inactive in the tax database.
  • 34,000 vendors in the Treasury’s database cross-referenced with the tax database’s TINs. TINs were associated to the corresponding vendors in the Treasury’s system to avoid payment if tax obligations were not encountered.
  • 8,000 taxpayers re-registered anew.
  • New registration centre with 25 registration officers being using The Paradox Box™.
  • Interface of The Paradox Box™ with the One-Stop-Shop’s system to prevent new duplicates from appearing.

We are at your side every step of the way

We help you bring your organization to the next level, step by step.

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Expert recommendations on tax revenue optimization
  • Developing your The Paradox Box™ solution
  • Migration of your data
  • Process reengineering
  • Comprehensive or specialized trainings for administrators and employees in tax administration
  • Technical support

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